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As the European Union continues scrutiny of tech giants, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are increasingly vulnerable to antitrust enforcement in the U.S. and worldwide. Our investigative reporters do a deep dive into the ways dominant digital platforms use their market power to inhibit competition and analyze whether antitrust enforcers will view such conduct as merely robust competition or a violation of monopolization laws. Our antitrust team, which includes former antitrust enforcers, provides uniquely predictive analysis into potential enforcement that could fundamentally alter tech platforms’ business models and profitability.

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Amazon: By Prioritizing its Own Fashion Label Brands in Product Placement on its Increasingly Dominant Platform, Amazon Risks Antitrust Enforcement by a Trump Administration

Google Antitrust Enforcement: Complaints Mounting Against Google Amidst Calls for Immediate Relief; AdSense Case Has Wide-Ranging Implications for Google’s Business Model

Facebook: The Capitol Forum Tested Facebook Browser Load Times; Facebook’s Slow Load Times for In-app Browser Likely Push Users Towards Instant Articles and Native Content, Raising Antitrust Concern in EU

Facebook: By Prioritizing Natively Published Articles in its News Feed, Facebook Risks Antitrust Enforcement, Cuts off Traffic and Data to Publishers

Google EC Antitrust Enforcement: Expected Android EC Remedies Likely to Make Google Vulnerable to Competitive Threats in Mobile Advertising

Apple vs. Spotify: Congress Unhappy with FTC’s Slow Progress on Investigation into Apple’s Exclusionary Conduct in Music Industry

Questcor/Synacthen: Antitrust, Political Analysis Reveals Significant Risk that FTC Will Investigate U.S. Patent Rights Acquisition; Likelihood of Challenge to Turn on Competitive Landscape of Long Release ACTH Drugs