Corporate Investigations

Our Corporate Investigations team identifies companies and industries which may be impacted by existing or new rules and regulations coming from the regulatory agencies or Congress.

For individual companies, we identify specific business practices which may face legal or regulatory risks. Our reporting sheds light on these risks, a timeline for any type of government intervention, and likely outcomes in each scenario.

Our industry-focused content examines new regulations which may materially impact an entire industry highlighting companies within that industry which may be most impacted by the change in regulation.

In addition to reporting ways in which regulation may impact companies and industries, our team also is dedicated to reporting changes in government contract awards and how these changes may impact the companies vying for these contracts. Our work provides key insights to timing of contract awards, the terms of each contract, and the companies potentially benefiting from these decisions.

Recent Coverage Areas

  • Bloom Energy
  • Chegg Inc.
  • Credit Acceptance Corporation
  • Diversified Gas and Oil
  • Eargo
  • For Profit Education
  • InnovAge
  • Medifast
  • Natera
  • New Fortress Energy
  • Online Auto Retailers
  • Pipeline Oversight
  • Solar Industry
  • TransDigm



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Axos Bank: World Business Lenders Targets Merchants Hurt by Pandemic; Extends High Interest Predatory Loans Backed by Small Business Owners’ Homes; States Assume Regulatory Role over Rent-A-Bank Schemes After FDIC, OCC Decline

Credit Acceptance Corporation: Ability to Pay Requirements Would Break Business Model, Complicating Prospects for Settlement with 41 AGs Probing Company

Diversified Gas and Oil: Production Uplift from Tank Replacement May be Less of an Opportunity than Company Suggests, According to Production Database Analysis

FleetCor: Company Eliminated No Fees Sales Pitch Around Time of FTC Suit; Some Improper Practices Continue and Company Implemented New Ways to Make Money from Customers, Sources Say

Natera: Company Using Incorrect Billing Codes to Inflate Insurance Cost, According to Billing Experts

New Fortress Energy: Delays at Mexico and Nicaragua Facilities and Subsequent Reduction in Forecast Volumes Sold in Q1 2021 Likely as Construction Remains Ongoing

New Fortress Energy: Nicaraguan Government Nationalizes Counterparties to Company’s Largest Growth Project, Providing Both Clarity and Increased Risk

OTC Hearing Aids: Biden Administration Publishes Agenda for FDA Rulemaking; Self-fitting Hearing Aid Regulations Could Provide Template for Over-The-Counter Devices, Likely Increasing FDA Regulation in Addition to Competition

Perdoceo Education Corporation: Department of Education Defers $39M of Title IV Money from 2019 to 2020 to Save AIU From Violating 90/10; Experts Expect Congressional Scrutiny

Pipeline Policy: Federal Judge Vacates Crucial Permit for Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction at Water and Wetland Crossings, Impacting Numerous Pipeline Projects; Defendants to Appeal

The RealReal: Company Practices Regarding Counterfeit Goods Open it to Additional Liability, According to IP Experts

SmileDirectClub: Dissatisfied Customers Asked to Sign Release Before Getting Refund; Restrictions on Complaints and Reviews in Release Could Run Afoul of State and Federal Laws

Vivint Solar: Internal Videos Appear to Contradict Internal Ethics Guidance; California Litigation May Invalidate California PPA Contracts; States Continue to Enact Consumer Friendly Laws that Could Negatively Affect Sales