Energy – TCF Upstream

TCF Upstream is a real-time Production & Well Reporting data platform for the Appalachian Basin.

The platform identifies filing discrepancies and outdated state agency records to capture a complete picture of the assets and liabilities an operator and its subsidiaries hold following various acquisitions, name changes, and other events.

TCF Upstream is complemented with our energy reporting that closely follows the business and regulatory changes galvanized by the energy transition, of which a stable, cheap supply of natural gas from the Appalachian Basin plays a central role.

Why TCF Upstream?

Comprehensive historical and contemporary data. TCF Upstream provides the most up-to-date operator, state, and county specific information including decline curves, production records, and troves of additional data points dating back to well spud.

Accurate ownership & organizational hierarchy. TCF Upstream is the only data platform with comprehensive parent-child ownership of each well, tracking acquisitions, divestitures, and bankruptcies to get a complete picture of a company’s well portfolio.

Complex back-end processing to high-grade and aggregate data. With each state having its own reporting standards, TCF Upstream has a streamlined process for reporting the most recent well permitting, transfer, and production records available in the Appalachian basin.

Cutting-edge analysis. Complementing the platform, our investigative oil & gas reporting provides detailed analysis of the takeaways from our datasets and trends we are seeing in individual companies and across the industry.

TCF Upstream Brochure

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