Government Contracts

Our Government Contracts coverage provides in-depth news and analysis of current and pending government contracting issues in order to help policymakers and industry stakeholders better understand the likeliest outcomes and how such outcomes might impact market competition in the contracting sector.

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  • Globalstar Petition
  • Immigration / H1B Policy
  • LNPA Contract Neustar
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Net Neutrality
  • Private Prisons
  • Spark Energy
  • Spectrum
  • Transdigm
  • Verisign Renewal

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TransDigm: Capitol Forum Analysis of Contract Data Indicates Prices Increase at a Higher Rate after TransDigm’s Acquisitions

Government Contracts Weekly: A Closer Look at Globalstar’s Bluetooth Interference Issues; LNPA Timeline Update; FirstNet on Track to Award Key Contract on Time

Avaya: Confronted by Revenue Loss and 2017 Debt Wall, Avaya Unlikely to Keep Pace with Increased Competition; Government Contracts Provide Little Insulation from Market Trends

Globalstar TLPS: With 2-3 Vote a Possibility at FCC, Wheeler Most Likely to Pull Order, But May Not Reintroduce

Motorola Solutions: Risk to Motorola’s Pricing Power in Emergency Responder Device Market as Muni RFPs Shift to Interoperable P25 Networks that Will Drive Competition; Outlook for FirstNet Timing, Implementation

LNPA Transition Update: A Closer Look at Recent Developments and Their Impact on Transition Timing; Overall Timing Unlikely to be Affected