Law Firms

Keeping tabs on the agencies—the personnel, the issues of focus, the ever-evolving enforcement policies—is a full-time job. Law firm professionals need to focus on the task at hand, providing high quality service to the client. With law firm professionals in particular, time is money, and insight, not excessive information, is critical to generating and serving clients.

Our law firm subscribers can better anticipate the broader impact of ongoing investigations on their prospects and clients, staying ahead of those who wait for the investigation to end. We also provide a forum for policy commentary and serve as a medium for lawyers to effectively convey their most important ideas to the intended audience.

Subscription Benefits

  • Stay up to date on innovative antitrust and other policy-related theories and enforcement actions as well as industry developments.
  • Enhance client counseling and generate ideas for business development and other client service quality improvement opportunities.
  • Be a part of a large community of policy experts, with robust access to networking opportunities.
  • Train associates and other junior members of the firm.
  • Develop insight on significant policy developments and other legal events.