David Blotner

Mr. Blotner is a Senior Editor who helps lead the Forum’s compliance efforts. Mr. Blotner comes to The Capitol Forum with more than 30 years of DOJ experience in both civil and criminal matters, including most recently serving as a trial attorney in the DOJ’s Transportation, Energy & Agriculture Section (TEA). In this capacity he participated in investigations and litigation of civil antitrust cases and matters, including investigations into major domestic and foreign airline mergers, electricity mergers, and banking software mergers.

Prior to this role, Mr. Blotner served as Assistant Chief of the National Criminal Enforcement Section at the DOJ. In this role, he helped lead a team of attorneys in grand jury investigations and criminal prosecutions of major antitrust conspiracies. Mr. Blotner has also served as Assistant Chief on the DOJ’s Litigation II team, where he was responsible for grand jury investigations, merger investigations, criminal prosecutions of major antitrust conspiracies, and merger litigation. He holds a B.A. with Honors and a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin.