Antitrust, Regulation and the Next World Order

Cristina Caffarra’s recent conference has generated extensive public debate. In a new article, our Executive Editor Teddy Downey discusses the event’s impact on antitrust discourse in Europe and the US.

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Antitrust, Regulation, and the Next World Order

Speakers from around the world took the stage at the 2024 “Antitrust, Regulation and the Next World Order” conference in Brussels, organized and chaired by Cristina Caffarra, with support from The Capitol Forum. 

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AI Act DSA and DMA Implementation

Jan 31, 2024

Roberto Viola, Director General of DG Connect, speaks at the 2024 “Antitrust, Regulation and the Next World Order” conference in Brussels, organized and chaired by Cristina Caffarra, with support...
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Analysis of select corporate transcripts through the lens of Joseph Harrington’s landmark paper, “Collusion in Plain Sight: Firms’ use of Public Announcements to Restrain Competition.”

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SPECIAL REPORT: Johnson & Johnson’s Remicade

Get an inside view of the biologics market, where rebate schemes appear to drive market share. You’ll learn how a complex system supports sluggish biosimilar uptake and other types of anticompetitive conduct. 

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SPECIAL REPORT: Exclusive Drug Dealing

The Capitol Forum has recently published a special report with an extract of reporting that has been done analyzing price, market share and generic formulary exclusion data to spot anticompetitive conduct.

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