“The Weak Argument Jeopardizing Tech Antitrust Legislation” - Conference Call June 29th at 1:00PM ET with Journalist Gilad Edelman

As Gilad Edelman recently reported, the antitrust push targeting Big Tech has used wide-ranging arguments to try to weaken support for new legislation. Now, opponents may have found a position that sticks. 

Earlier in June, Amy Klobuchar received a letter from four Democratic senators, asking her to slow the push for the American Innovation and Choice Online Act. The bill, which Klobuchar cosponsored with bipartisan support, would prevent the largest tech companies from abusing their power to disadvantage businesses that operate on their platforms. But the letter from Democrats, led by Brian Schatz of Hawaii, argues that the legislation contains a terrible side effect. They insist that the bill would prevent dominant platforms from enforcing their content policies. In turn this “would supercharge harmful content online and make it more difficult to combat.” 

Join our conference call on June 29th at 1:00 p.m. to hear from Gilad Edelman as he discusses all this and more from his recent article, “The Weak Argument Jeopardizing Tech Antitrust Legislation.” 

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Gilad Edelman is a senior writer for WIRED, covering the intersection of tech, politics, and law. Before that, he was executive editor of the Washington Monthly. He has a degree from Yale Law School. 

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