Venture Predation: How Venture-Backed Startups Use Predatory Pricing to Suppress Competition

Tue, Sep 12, 2023 | 11:00 am EST

On September 12 at 11:00 am, The Capitol Forum will host Associate Professor of Law Matthew Wansley and Professor of Law Samuel Weinstein of Cardozo School of Law for a conversation on predatory pricing among venture-backed startups like Uber and WeWork.

Matthew and Samuel are faculty co-directors of the Heyman Center on Corporate Law and Governance at Yeshiva University – Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. In their recent article entitled “Venture Predation” published in the Journal of Corporation Law, the professors argue that, contrary to the Supreme Court’s stated opinion that predatory pricing is rarely tried or achieved, the practice is alive and well among venture capitalists.

Join the conference call to hear Matthew and Samuel discuss what motivates venture predation, how it harms consumers and innovation, and what legal reforms are needed to deter it.

* Please note that registration closes 30 minutes prior to the start of this call. You must register before that time in order to join this session.


Matthew Wansley

Associate Professor of Law, Cardoza School of Law

Samuel Weinstein

Professor of Law, Cardoza School of Law

Teddy Downey

Executive Editor and CEO, The Capitol Forum

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