Conference Call with Clean Virginia’s Brennan Gilmore

Tue, Nov 21, 2023 | 11:00 am EST

On November 21st at 11:00 am The Capitol Forum will host a discussion with Brennan Gilmore, executive director of Clean Virginia, an independent advocacy organization working to advance clean government and clean energy.

For years, Clean Virginia has actively opposed customer overcharges by Dominion Energy, Virginia’s largest utility monopoly.

Join us as executive editor of The Capitol Forum, Teddy Downey, talks to Brennan about the biggest successes and challenges the organization has experienced and what he anticipates for the future of Virginia’s electric utility law.

Brennan Gilmore Bio

Executive director of Clean Virginia, Brennan Gilmore is a native of Lexington, Virginia and a graduate of the University of Virginia. Following fifteen years in the U.S. Foreign Service focused on human rights, humanitarian affairs and conflict resolution in Africa and the Middle East, he served as Chief of Staff to former Congressman and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tom Perriello. He also served as Vice President for Operations for Wize Solutions, a Virginian rural workforce development enterprise. He leads the New Appalachian music group Wild Common.


Brennan Gilmore

Executive Director, Clean Virginia

Teddy Downey

Executive Editor and CEO, The Capitol Forum

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