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Second Request provides in-depth discussions with antitrust experts about proposed solutions to the biggest monopoly problems of our time.  Backed by the investigative resources and intellectual rigor of The Capitol Forum, Executive Editor and host Teddy Downey examines the effects of the current concentrations of market power across a vast array of industry verticals as he and his guests analyze the potential responses from the federal government. Offering thoughtful conversations with analysts and decision makers, Second Request provides everyone from C-Suite executives to policymakers, and all those in-between, strategic antitrust insights at the intersection of law, policy, and markets.

Barry Lynn, Executive Director of the Open Markets Institute

Barry Lynn has literally written the book on two of the hottest economic and policy topics right now—monopolies and supply chain fragility. His book on monopoly is called Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction and his book on supply chains is called End of the Line.

In this episode, Barry talks about the importance of the President’s executive order on competition and where the antimonopoly movement is headed next.

The Honorable Bill Kovacic

The Honorable Bill Kovacic gives his outlook for antitrust enforcement in the Biden administration and distinguishes between antitrust Transformationalists and Traditionalists and their struggle for influence. He also discusses antitrust rulemaking, antitrust legislation, and Robinson-Patman enforcement.

Biden vs. Big Meat with Claire Kelloway

Teddy talks with Claire Kelloway, a senior reporter with the Open Markets Institute. She’s also the primary writer for Food & Power, a website providing original reporting and resources on monopoly power in the food system.

Claire gives her outlook for antitrust enforcement in the meat industry during the Biden administration.

Seth Bloom’s Outlook for Antitrust Legislation

Teddy chats with Seth Bloom, founder of Bloom Strategic Counsel and former General Counsel of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, to get his thoughts on which antitrust bills can pass Congress and get signed into law and which will be left on the cutting room floor.

Seth and Teddy also talk about

  • new priorities at the FTC;
  • which already-consummated mergers the FTC might investigate and try to break up;
  • and other parts of the FTC’s agenda that are being overlooked.


Ron Knox says, “Break up Big Music” 

Teddy chats with Ron Knox, senior researcher and writer at The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, about his recent article in Wired Magazine, “Big Music Needs to Be Broken Up to Save the Industry.” He tells stories about why music is worse now than it was when the industry was more competitive, how Sweet Jane Recordings is actually owned by a big conglomerate, how independent record stores ended up with prescription cough syrup instead of indie records, how YouTube effectively sets a floor on streaming royalty rates, and how big radio pays no royalty rates for playing music. Lastly, he talks about how he is optimistic that new antitrust leadership and new legislation in Congress will reshape the industry.


The Honorable William Baer

Teddy chats with Bill Baer about antitrust being at an inflection point, the consumer welfare test as “not even a useful construct anymore,” antitrust rule-making as a new tool in the enforcer toolbox, stepped up criminal antitrust enforcement, and a likely increase in focus on buyer power concerns from antitrust enforcers.


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Second Request provides in-depth discussions with antitrust experts.



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