Antitrust Super Influencers with Baron Public Affairs

Apr 21, 2022

Baron Public Affairs recently issued a report naming the top 10 antitrust super influencers, and they share their findings in this episode.

Baron Public Affairs is a unique firm that “combines objective strategy development with groundbreaking research platforms” to help corporate clients “identify, understand and surmount” regulatory threats. They developed their list of antitrust super influencers by sifting through “approximately 27,000 references made by members of Congress, executive branch officials, and others.”

Baron’s top 5 antitrust super influencers are:

1) William Kovacic, George Washington University

2) Sarah Miller, American Economic Liberties Project

3) Charlotte Slaiman, Public Knowledge

4) Adam Kovacevich, Chamber of Progress

5) Matt Stoller, American Economic Liberties Project

See Baron’s full report for the top 10.

The report is full of insights, and worth noting in particular are Baron’s conclusions that “antitrust super influencers prioritize practical achievements over intellectual purity” and that “economics is losing authority in the political arena.”